Administrative Task Force

Membership Information
Name: Term limit: 
Jim Araiza (Chair)  
Tony Musto (Secretary)   
Rex Lehman  
Jon Beisenherz  
Roger Snyder   
  • Staff Liaison: Desmond Chin, Finance Director

Mission/ Purpose:

Pursuant to Ordinance 2018-08 passed and adopted on June 4, 2018, the Village Services/Administrative Advisory Board was abolished, and the Administrative Task Force was created. The Administrative Task Force shall operate under the direction and control of the Manager. The Village Council may recommend (but may not direct) the Administrative Task Force. The Manager may report the activities and recommendations of such Task Force as the Manager sees fit.

Mission: to provide recommendations to the Village Manager in matters of Village services; and, to provide recommendations to the Village Manager in matters of Village administrative process that impact all Village Departments. 

Task: to review the following:

i. Level of infrastructure
ii. Infrastructure maintenance
iii. Safety initiatives
iv. Transportation initiatives
v. Service management practices
vi. Effectiveness of current laws and procedures
vii. Fee structures
viii. Capital outlay and management
ix. Financial performance
x. Budget development process
xi. Budget review process
xii. Inter-governmental engagement process
xiii. Organizational structure effectiveness
xiv. Procurement practices 
xv. Customer service performance and practices

The Administrative Task Force is not governed by the Florida Public Meetings law.
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