Posted on: February 5, 2018

Public Services Begins Localized Drainage Improvement Project

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Our Public Services Department started the first of seven localized drainage improvement projects today.  Contractors will start the work in the area of SW 88th Court between SW 156th Terrace and SW 158th Street.  The project is expected to be completed by the beginning of April.  

The 7 areas include the following:

  1. Area #1- SW 87th Avenue between SW 142nd Street and SW 144th Street
  2. Area #2- SW 80th Avenue between SW 166th Street and SW 168th Street
  3. Area #3- SW 155th Street and SW 80th Avenue
  4. Area #4- SW 80th Avenue between SW 151st Street and SW 148th Drive
  5. Area #5- SW 84th Court between SW 147th Terrace and SW 147th Street
  6. Area #6- SW 88th Court between SW 156th Street and SW 158th Street
  7. Area #7- SW 145th Terrace between 73rd Avenue and SW 74th Avenue

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