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Certificate of Use Application

  2. Please describe in detail.
  3. Type of Business
  4. Enter square footage for patron area
  5. Enter square footage for the back of the house area
  6. Describe the previous type of business in the location in which you will conduct your business.
  8. Submission by the applicant & landlord verifies the above information is true and correct. Parties understand the Certificate of Use is being approved and accepts that no charges or refunds can be made once in process. Parties acknowledge that he/she is/are authorized to sign on behalf of the business and understand that any misrepresentation of information on this application may result in the revocation of the Certificate of Use and/ or possible enforcement action being initiated against the business and/ or its authorized representative. Parties further understand that a separate Certificate of Occupancy (if applicable) and Local Business Tax Receipt are also required. Parties agree to comply with all Federal, County and local laws.
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