Palmetto Bay Park

We're Making Improvements to Palmetto Bay Park

Throughout 2023, the Village has been working diligently to make needed improvements to our popular Palmetto Bay Park.  New equipment is coming to the Boundless Playground and general cosmetic changes are coming to the rest of the park to be completed in 2023!  Here are some of those improvements:

Park Improvements:

  • Pressure washing of all play equipment, swing frames, and shade posts to prepare for sanding and painting
  • Sanding and priming surfaces with rust or discoloration prior to painting
  • Soft wash shade fabric and apply sealant to prevent future excessive debris buildup
  • Painting of all upright and accent metals on the play system, along with all shade posts
  • ADA mulch trimming of trees
  • Painting of the softball quad and community building
  • Painting of park pavilions

Playground Improvements:

  • Sanding and painting the metal components
  • Sealing the canopy fabric 
  • Repairing broken play shell
  • Replacing certain playground equipment and parts
  • Play Pod Traverse Curved (Lily Pads)
  • Climbing net for boulder area
  • New blue tree circular bench similar to existing
  • Replacement panel
  • New spring rider
  • Replacement rail for Turn Across Deluxe
  • Purchase and installation of a new swing bay
  • Repair/ replacement of damaged rubberized (pour-in-place) surface
  • Replacement of west perimeter fence

Below are a few photos of the playground improvements.


If you have any questions about the planned improvements or the park in general, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 305-259-1234.

Park Origins

Palmetto Bay Park Picnic TrailSoon after Village incorporation, this park transitioned from a 5-acre park to a 25-acre park facility - a veritable oasis of passive and active attractions, tucked off US-1 just east of the Village Municipal Complex. Formerly known as Perrine Park, Palmetto Bay Park was renamed by the Village Council in 2006.

The new Palmetto Bay Park features expansive greenspace, basketball courts, the largest Boundless Playgrounds in South Florida, and a six-field, state-of-the-art softball complex, Palmetto Bay Park is truly a multi-recreational facility.

  1. Palmetto Bay Park

    Physical Address
    17535 SW 95 Avenue
    Palmetto Bay , FL 33157


Focal Point

Palmetto Bay Park Picnic AreasThe focal point of the park is a two-story concession building and observation deck. The park also houses an air-conditioned recreation room that allows for indoor recreation activities and meetings. A meandering tree-shaded pathway for walkers, joggers, and bicyclists surrounds the entire property. Covered picnic pavilions within the large open green spaces are a haven for family gatherings and party rentals.

Park Amenities

  • Basketball/Pickleball Courts (Rent A Pickleball Court)
  • Boundless Playground (fully accessible playground featuring play areas for small and older kids)
  • Open Green Areas
  • Perimeter Walking Path
  • Renovated Recreation Room (available for party rentals)
  • Six Softball Fields
  • Skate Park
  • Two Picnic Gazebos (Available for party rentals)
  • Two-story concession building

Interested in rental a space at Palmetto Bay Park for your next party, then contact us today (see below.)

  1. Joe Fosselman

    Parks and Recreation Supervisor