Traffic Studies & Master Plans

Transportation Master Plan

For the Transportation Master Plan an extensive multi-faceted process was undertaken to establish consensus and secure final approval. The goal of the process was to realize fully the areas of concern from the perspective of the community members. These areas were to be refined through debate, resulting in policies and projects. Click here to see the Transportation Master Plan. 

Bicycle Master Plan

As a community’s population density increases, the number of short trips (those of less than ½ mile) increases. These trips can often times be made as easily by walking or bicycling rather than by driving. As a community becomes more dense, the construction of bicycle and pedestrian facilities as an alternative to automobile travel becomes more important to maintain mobility within the community. The population of Miami-Dade County is expected to exceed 3 million by the year 2025. To meet the transportation needs of individuals who walk or bike for all or a portion of their trip, the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is planning for these types of facilities in its transportation plan. Miami-Dade County is also attempting to prepare the county for more of these trips in its Long Range Transportation Plan. The development of a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was initially suggested as part of the Village’s original Transportation Master Plan. Click here to view the Bicycle Master Plan.