Elevation Certificates

Determine Your Level of Risk for Flooding

An Elevation Certificate lists the floor elevations and flood zones for new homes and buildings within the Village. This certificate informs property owners of the level of risk from flooding for the particular structure. It also indicates whether a structure is lower than the current required elevation for when the 50% rule applies. In addition, the elevation certificate assists residents in getting an accurate quote for flood insurance.

To view Elevation Certificates for you property, you will need to know the Folio Number to your property. This number is can be found on the warranty deed for your property, or you can visit Miami-Dade County's website under property search.
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Coming Soon: Once you know your Folio Number, you will be able to click here to search for the Elevation Certificate.

Please Note: The Village of Palmetto Bay's Building Department incorporated in 2003. So if the new construction or substantial improvement was prior to 2003, there is a possibility that we might not have the elevation certificate that you are searching for in our database. If you are unable to locate your Elevation Certificate, we encourage you to also try searching on Miami Dade County's RER website. Also, the Village of Palmetto Bay does not vouch for the authenticity of the Elevation Certificate. Please contact the surveyor who audited the property for any questions regarding certified elevations.