Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Program

Trap-Neuter-Return Program

If you have a stray cat roaming around your home, you may lawfully place humane animal traps on your property to capture stray or feral cats.  The Village of Palmetto Bay’s Department of Public Services offers humane, non-lethal cat traps for a ten day rental period.

  • rental is free for the ten days
  • a $50.00 refundable deposit is required and may be paid in cash or credit card (must visit Public Services in person)
  • full deposit is refunded when the trap is returned cleaned, and in good, working condition
  • no deposits are refunded if cage is lost, damaged, or stolen, and an additional fee, equal to the cost of replacing the trap is billed to the renter
If you live within a Homeowner's Association, the association is responsible for initiating the stray removal process.  

Renting a Trap

If you're interested in renting a trap, please follow these simple steps:
  • download the Stray Cat Agreement in "Related Documents" below 
  • print and complete the form 
  • bring your completed application along with your payment for the deposit to the Public Services Department
  • return your trap in good condition within the ten-day period and receive your deposit back
That's it!  For more information, please contact our Public Services Department.

Rules for Setting the Traps

  • The trap must be set on level ground so it will remain steady when the cat enters.
  • The trap must be baited with fresh food every time. The Village does not reset or provide food.
  • Miami-Dade County Animal Services provides spay/neuter services for feral cats Monday-Sunday from 7 am - 4 pm.
  • Residents are required to take the trapped stray cats to the county's Animal Services located at 3599 NW 79th Ave, Doral, Fl 33122 (305) 884-1101
  • The animal will be accepted at no charge.
  • Any animal caught by mistake must be immediately released.
  • Traps cannot be set if the outside temperature is below 32°F or above 80°F.
  • Under no circumstances are traps to be used as an aid for hunting.
  • Abandoning animals is animal cruelty. Any person abusing or neglecting a captured animal will be prosecuted.
  • If trapping the animal is very difficult, you may wish to consider hiring a private animal removal service which will do the work for a fee.

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