State Legislative Priorities

2023 State Legislative Priorities

Each year, the Village Council prioritizes funding requests to be included in the state budget through the appropriation process.  Village representatives at the state level in both chambers, the House and Senate, sponsor projects of interest to the municipal governments they represent.  Palmetto Bay formalizes the funding  prioritization through a resolution adopted by the Village Council.

In 2023, the Village Council adopted Resolution No. 2023-24, setting the state legislative agenda and listing the funding priorities for the Village.   Additionally, the Council also adopted Resolution No. 2023-11 approving and supporting the 2023 legislative agenda for Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Project Listing:

Stormwater Projects (drainage) based on the Village's Stormwater Master Plan 

  • State Request: $3,944,000
  • Projects: Sub-basin 11, Sub-basin 41, Sub-basin 44
  • Project Scope: Stormwater improvements including building additional catch basins, manholes, culverts, and exfiltration to connect catch basins within all sub-basins. These improvements will enhance surface water quality, control flooding during and after major storm events, and reduce pollutants into the Biscayne Bay Aquifer.

Veterans Park – Phase 1 Improvements

  • State Request: $200,000
  • Project Scope: Funding would assist with the Phase 1 development of the newest addition to our “Village of Parks.” Veterans park is a blank canvas and has been designed to honor all men and women who have served in any branch of the United States military. Construction will include parking spaces, a walking path, trees, and sod to begin the park development.

Project Description and State Appropriation Request Forms

Read a short description of the above-listed funding priorities and the requests forms that have been transmitted to the Village's state representative.