Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan; Final Adopted Report

Below is the final report, as adopted by the Village Council, and also the various drafts presented during public meetings of the Strategic Plan document.  To facilitate viewing and downloading, the attachments are included as a separate list:

Strategic Plan Document

Strategic Plan Attachments

Strategic Priorities for 2022

The Mayor & Council, Village Manager, Village Clerk, and Department Directors convened on February 28, 2022 at the Edward & Arlene Feller Community Room at Ludovici Park for a new visioning session to set the priorities for 2022.  The group discussed the Village goals in the context of the five top priorities identified by Village residents as part of the recently-issued Village-wide resident survey. The top five priorities include those items that, according to our residents, should receive more emphasis over the next two years. Those priorities are as follows:

Top 5 Priorities Identified by Residents:

  1. Flow of traffic/congestion management
  2. Maintenance of streets/sidewalks/infrastructure
  3. Quality of police service
  4. Quality of parks & recreation programs/facilities
  5. Efforts to ensure the community is prepared for emergencies


If you missed the session, you can view it HERE.

Strategic Priorities for 2021

Following a day-long visioning session held with all members of the Village Council and Village's Senior Staff, the Mayor & Council prioritized the projects and initiatives for 2021 based on the seven focus areas identified in the adopted Strategic Plan.  The Village Council prioritized two projects under each focus area.  The session was held in advance of the budgeting process, which starts in May, so that funding allocation may be focused on the priorities and so that the Village may start to develop a plan to ensure that these initiatives are met.  


The session was held at the Edward and Arlene Feller Community Room at Ludovici Park and was facilitated by the consulting firm ExecuCoach 360.  Members of the public were invited to participate and engage virtually.  If you missed the session, you can view it online, on Facebook or YouTube.  The session videos are divided into three parts due to their extensive size.